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It's so great to meet you.

Each treat is a celebration of shared moments and the sweetness of togetherness. Join us on this delectable adventure as we invite you to experience the magic baked into every bite. Welcome to our world of heartwarming flavors and cherished memories.


Meet Our Team

Founded by the dynamic duo, Giuliana and Dalana, Cookiemania is not just a cookie shop; it's a dream woven into reality. Our shop is a canvas for creativity, a place where the simple pleasure of eating cookies transforms into an experience that brings families, especially mothers and daughters, closer together..


CEO - Founder Dalana, a fitness enthusiast and a baker at heart, infuses Cookiemania with her dedication and passion. Her daily gym routines are matched by her commitment to the kitchen, where she's been crafting delectable delights since childhood. Together with Giuliana, she aspires to make Cookiemania a place of joy and bonding.


At just 12 years old, Giuliana is not your average 6th grader. With a passion for dancing, ice skating, love for dogs and for all things Taylor Swift, she brings energy and creativity to Cookiemania. Giuliana believes that every cookie should bring a smile as bright as a dance and as warm as a hug.